Smartsure 2020 Emergency Assist

Sasfin HRS Assist is a value add offering available to all Sasfin HRS clients which provides our clients with 24 hour access to expertise in the event of an emergency.

Some of the features include:

  • Mobile application panic alert and guidance on what to do in an emergency
  • Roadside assistance and chauffeur services
  • Cover for household emergency repairs

Renault Assist

Renault Assist offers members full peace of mind in the event of a Roadside Emergency.

The Call Centre provides immediate access to a team of dedicated case managers, together with a national complement of accredited assistance service providers who will assist with accident emergencies.

Car Rental in the event of accident/theft/hijacking

If your insured vehicle is damaged in an accident, is stolen or hijacked, we will provide you with a rental vehicle until your claim
is settled, or the maximum period indicated on the policy schedule is reached, whichever occurs first in time.

Smartsure Twenty20 Insurance Mobile App

The exciting and innovative One Loyalty mobile app enhances policyholders’ experience with SasfinHRS. There are several exciting functions, packaged into a very smart little app to ensure client service excellence!

  • View insurance policies live
  • Request additional cover via the app
  • Built-in panic button in case of a roadside emergency
  • Lodge a claim notification of incident for motor, home and personal to expedite a claim with step-by-step assistance on the app
  • Recommend and refer friends to SasfinHRS
  • Vehicle and home pre-inspection via uploaded photographs
  • Secure registration process with One Time Pin
How to use the app
  1. Search for “Oneloyalty”
  2. Download the App from one of the online stores above
  3. Register – use the client code: SHRS
  4. Get OTP
  5. Create your own password
  6. Login
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